Frank Lloyd Wright had the right stuff… Scottsdale’s public art, food “to die for”

When we’re on the road we prefer to support small town, locally owned businesses, including Airbnbs, etc. If none are available we like to stay at Marriott properties. This Scottsdale hotel may have been THE best Courtyard Marriott Hotel we’ve ever experienced. Here’s what we posted on TripAdvisor… Not only was the facility amazing, but the staff, particularly Kristy and Desiree, were the epitome of customer service…stellar! This is the first Marriott-branded hotel on U.S. tribal land, and they’ve done a great job of preserving the culture and history of the local Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian community.


Hot times on a cool night but sadly…no marshmallows.


Courtyard hosts this amazing 14 year old singer, Lelea Fonua,  who was accompanied on bongos by his dad laying “live chill music”. What a voice. In addition to singing solo and playing guitar and a uke, he’s in a band called 3 Nations (


These feet are made for walking, and walk we did. Can’t miss us.


We saw this concrete sidewalk imbedded with glass and other materials outside of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, and thought it would be a great idea for either inside or outside our house too. Rorie sees a reno project ahead…again.


Bart wanted to give a shout out to his colleague Dale Rogers, who’s a public art champion and who himself has designed some amazing large-scale pieces, including his Big Dog sculptures seen around the Country ( Scottsdale would make him proud…


The Scottsdale Civic Center Mall, which is actually a magnificent park, is filled with public art including this famous sculpture by Robert Indiana. We spent a few hours meandering through the gardens, art, fountains, shops and restaurants. A wonderful space to spend a beautiful afternoon.


A war hero/Minister and his suffragette wife.


No clue what this art represents (Teepee maybe?) but we loved it anyway.


What a cool little merry-go-round made of fabric strips for kids and adults alike.


Hotels, restaurants and shops in buildings saturated with color line the park.


Wild horses couldn’t drag Rorie away from this huge Christmas tree in the park, even though she thought it was missing just one thing…tinsel.


Bischoffs Gallery near the park has beautiful Southwestern art both inside and out.


Bart was in his Clint Eastwood persona. “Stay away from my warrior buddy and no one gets hurt”.


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