About The Discover Small Town America Tour

Bart and Rorie Russell, “proprietors” of  Everything Small Town™, launched the Discover Small Town America Tour during June 2013. Their road trips take them from Connecticut to California (and back) to hundreds of small town gems. They explore and give shout-outs to wonderful people living and working in some amazing countryside communities.

Follow them on their adventure and you may just discover the best small towns in America no one’s ever heard of – and the folks who call these places home.

Road to small town

18 thoughts on “About The Discover Small Town America Tour

    • Bart & Rorie: Great job with the detailed descriptions of all the “goings on” concerning your trip so far. (glad you’re keeping those English class writing skills up Barts!) My only critique is that let it be know that Rorie “talks a good game” concerning the big sweet tooth addiction, but we all know who the real McCoy is concerning being the all knowing “Mr. Sweet Tooth”. Notice no names were actually mentioned in this email.

      • A big happy birthday goes out to the copilot, and occassional driver, Ms Rorie Russel!!!! Hope your day is wonderful and you spend it in a great ‘small town’ M and D

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  1. How do we suggest stops for along the way? We have an AWESOME burger joint in Grand Prairie, TX called Mixed Up Burgers that you have to try!!!!

    • Thanks Terri for your great question and awesome suggestion to try MUB! For our inaugural DSTA tour, we are traveling west along I-40 and back east along I-70. Any suggestions to help us experience the best of small town America on byways close to these major routes will be greatly appreciated. And although we can’t cover the entire country in this first tour, we’re saving all the recommendations we receive and hope to include them in future journeys where we’ll discover more amazing people and places!
      Rorie Russell

  2. I know you said you’re taking the I-70 and I-40 route, but to really get a feel of America’s small towns you really need to get off the interstate and take the State Highways. You will go through all the small towns along the way. I know, I grew up in Connecticut, went to school in Oklahoma and now live in Nebraska.

    The small town I live in now is about 800 people. I love our small town (community) http://3quarterstoday.com/category/small-town-living/ Looking forward to following you on your journey and if you get out to Nebraska let me know. I’ve known a few people who have done the cross country trip/blog journey and sometimes it’s good to “play it by ear” and go with the flow instead of planning everything out.

      • East Hartford, Jodi O. and I were classmates, that’s how I learned about your blog, she posted it on Facebook.

        Off the beaten path is easier than people think. In a county where there are more miles of gravel roads than paved roads. Granted every town has a paved road going through it.

  3. Great idea and great site! One question: are you driving an American vehicle? I’m really curious if having an American car/truck makes you more accessible as you visit small towns across the U.S. Feel free to contact me at tominwisconsingmail.com. Thanks!

  4. If you end up near Arlington TX there are a lot of little out of the way places to stop! And make sure if you are in the Arlington/Dallas area you check out Mixed Up Burgers for a delicious one of a kind (as in pick your mix-ins) made to order burger!!! Def the best by far!

    Have a safe tripe and enjoy!

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