It’s time…to…


The first, annual Discover Small Town America Tour has been 3 years in the making. Bart and Rorie are really excited – FINALLY – to be able to launch this 8,000 mile, coast-to-coast event tomorrow, November 5. We want to thank our small town America “family” of followers for your interest and support. Now, let the adventure begin!

11 thoughts on “It’s time…to…

  1. Hard to see this notice without hearing Willie Nelson singing in my head. This road trip is a blessing to us all. Every mile logged logs a thank you for the goodness of this couple and their mission to remind us of all the many good people in those towns. Boy oh boy do we need a heart and mind freshener. This is it!

  2. Waiting anxiously for your posts from many interesting places. Have the trip of a lifetime! DRIVE CAREFULLY. See you at Christmas.

  3. Have a great trip! In Rome now, leave for home on Jewel of the Seas tomorrow.

    Ciao, j ________________________________________

  4. Bart, I’m actually reading Blue Highways and loving all of the characters
    we meet in the book. Great idea to do this. Wishing you safe travels and a great adventure.

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