DSTA Tour launch planned for late Fall

Bart and Rorie had to postpone the inaugural Discover Small Town America Tour in 2014 because of some unexpected family challenges, but now they’re back. Follow the DSTA Tour 2016 (8,000 miles cross-country road trip in late Fall) and help shine a spotlight on extraordinary people doing amazing things in off-the-beaten-path places. Stay tuned…RorBar trip

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Due to climate and possible weather issues we’ll be plotting a southerly route from the Gulf Coast of Florida to Southern California. Your ideas for cool places to check out are welcomed!

7 thoughts on “DSTA Tour launch planned for late Fall

  1. So happy that you’ll be back on the road and doing “your thing” again! Looking forward to tracking your adventures.

  2. Hey guys,

    Took a gardening group to Natchez, MS once — it used to be a bustling tourist town with hordes of garden club types coming in during azalea season to visit the 19th Century mansions where the cotton merchants lived and made their millions in the antebellum period. When we visited a lot of downtown was boarded up, but we did have dinner at a beautiful historic inn — Monmouth, a former plantation — food was great and it was like being on set in Gone with the Wind.

    After watching the National Parks Ken Burns documentary, I’d hit as many parks along the way as possible — not a small town theme but imagine a number of towns outside the parks proper depend on the tourists to survive.

    We thought the year Wallace carried the Democratic primary in ’72 was a bizarre presidential year — McGovern drawing thousands at rallies and then getting the pants beat off him was also bizarre — a la Bernie this year. Nothing seems to trump the year of Trump/Cruz and the demise of Jeb and the Establishment. Krugman calls it the Republicans’ big con — pretending to be for the middle class and enacting policies that support the 1% — Trump’s populism is bringing out that crowd who’ve discovered the big con even the evangelicals. Bizarro — will Hillary tap a look alike like Bill did with Al or find someone to bring on Bernie’s crowd? She certainly needs someone who can campaign — she’s the worst. My friend who founded Self-Help in Durham and who helped get the new credit agency authorized and funded — dislikes Elizabeth Warren who he feels is one of the most arrogant people he’s met. Sharrod Brown (sp) from Ohio has a voice that makes fingernails on a chalkboard sound good. We’re pulling for Corey Booker who might bring back some of the 2008 Obama energy and enthusiasm and seems like a very bright, high integrity, listener type guy. We liked Obama’s one-liners at the correspondents’ dinner.

    Good luck on the Southern route planning. Look forward to your travel posts.


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