We’re Baaack!

The Discover Small Town America Tour has been on a hiatus due to unplanned (isn’t it always?) medical stuff. It’s all good now. We’re going to be checking out some quirky and quaint off-the-beaten-path places in Florida during the next several weeks thanks to ideas in Bruce Hunt’s “Visiting Small-Town Florida”.

Be on the lookout for Bart & Rorie’s updates from the road. We’ll be featuring places like Egmont Key (pop. 0) and Matlacha (pop. 735), “a place so splashed in bright colors it’s as if a Sherwin-Williams truck had a head on collision with a Dupont truck.” Stay tuned…


8 thoughts on “We’re Baaack!

  1. Yeah:

    Welcome baaack… Happy to hear all is well. I will be looking forward to see your travels..it is almost like we are traveling with you


  2. Dear Rorie and Bart


    The gals at Town Hall and I were just talking about you two. I mentioned that you’ll be starting up again soon …. and here you are. I am glad, happy, elated and more for the both of you. Back in the driver’s seat !!!  Stay well and keep me updated.

    Driving down to Florida myself tomorrow. Have to go to Port Charlotte. Will take me 2 days. I drive very slow and get tired quickly.

    All my love to you. God bless you and your travels. Your friend from New Market — Rita

    Rita Mueller Historic Grange Hall 301-865-5651 or 301-788-2630 ritasweb1234@yahoo.com

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  3. Yay!!!! Congratulations. We are cheering you two on and so grateful good health is yours! Much love and happiness always,
    Lee and Larry

  4. You both made my day reading this one!!! I will send you the Nashville information on the restaurants soon!! THEY WERE FANTASTIC!!!! We closed on the house today!!! As Willy Nelson says…………”ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!!!! CAN’T WAIT TO GET ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!!” Words cannot express………………….Love, Bonnie & Tom XXXX

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