The Discover Small Town America Tour Has Been “Detoured”


Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans…

After more than 2,000 miles on the road (having completed 25% of the Discover Small Town America Tour), we’ve got to go back home due to an urgent family medical matter. We’ll keep you updated on our plans to return to the road. Thanks to all of our local hosts and community sponsors around the Country – and members of our virtual road crew – for your understanding.

Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “The Discover Small Town America Tour Has Been “Detoured”

  1. So sorry to hear your news.  We’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers. The Hoppers Avon, CT


  2. OH No: we are so sorry to hear about the family emergency…Jose and I were following you…This looked like a fun thing to do….We hope all is well

    Darlene & Jose

  3. My prayers are with you every day on your Journey of Life now. I enjoyed your daily reports and hope to see and hear from you on this site again soon. Take care of each other. Your friend Rita from the Historic Grange in New Market

  4. We are thinking of you guys….hoping you will get back on the road soon….so many people are waiting to meet you…..luv, Marianne & Dan

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