T’was a Lazy Day in the Hood

Day 7 – Morrisville, NC Steps* (B) 7,207; (R) 5,608
We’re committed to exercising while on the road (some days are better than others).

Before getting on the road yesterday to start Day 7 of the Tour, Rorie needed to work off the full-sized Milky Way she was given – and inhaled – when we checked into our hotel. She went to the gym where she met a nice couple that told her about their hometown of Martinsville, VA (population 13,559). Rorie loved their enthusiasm for the community and its downtown revitalization program, and they suggested we visit Martinsville during the second annual Discover Small Town America Tour.

We went on a walk through the beautiful Sarah Duke Gardens in Durham. Our daughter Sara and the Discover Small Town America Tour mascot “Mama Bear” joined us for our stroll in this amazing public garden. What a beautiful place.


Your DSTA Tour “guides” seen here (well, at least part of them)…

RorBar at Duke Garden

Here’s the other side of your “guides” with the DSTA Tour mascot Mama Bear…

RorBar w:Mama Bear

More SD Garden shots…

Duke Gardens1

Can’t fish in this pond, but we’re pretty sure koi don’t make good eatin’

Koi Pond

A wonderful, lazy day that ended with, yup, more food. Rorie’s sister Darcy met us at our favorite “deli-on the-road”.

Parkway deli

Dinner was Darcy’s treat (“Thanks Darc”) because it’s Rorie’s birthday. And, what better way to celebrate your birthday, Rorie asked, than with a good ol’ Reuben sandwich (oh yeah, with tons of full-sour pickles)…


Darcy’s motto is “There’s only one way to wash down a Reuben sandwich” and that’s, of course, with bites of several decadent cupcakes she brought us…


All in all, Day 7 was a wonderful, lazy day shared with family, seeing beautiful gardens and eating lots of good chow. Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “T’was a Lazy Day in the Hood

  1. What could be better than a Reuben for your birthday in a picturesque area? Oh, that’s right…dessert! The area looks beautiful.

    But I have not heard about any Pizza stops. Next time we see you, pizza is on us!

  2. Happy Birthday Ms. Rorie!! Sounds like you had a great day with family, food and a great town!! What a way to celebrate. Love your blogs and Tom and I look forward to reading them every time they come in to the e-mails. Thinking of you each and every day. Hope the Prius is running well!!! Cannot wait to hear about your next adventure!! We loved the picture of the Banana Split!! WOW!!!! Enjoy!! Bonnie & Tom

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