Just 1 week before the DSTA Tour launch

The “Discover Small Town America Tour” launches in a little over a week. Some of the folks we meet will be from small towns, others will be from countryside places. As the old M.C. Hammer song goes, “Let’s get it started”!Image

4 thoughts on “Just 1 week before the DSTA Tour launch

  1. Bart and Rorie – My cousin has recommended Steamboat Springs, Colorado…..population, 10,000. She says there is lots to do, great restaurants and a real home town feel. Her children all live there and love it. Bonnie

  2. Hi folks – sounds so exciting! Bonnie Therrien sent me your link and I have a few suggestions for Virginia stops, if you are headed that way?

    Monterey Virginia, county seat of Highland County is a beautiful stop, about 45 min west of Staunton. The Highland Inn was a great B&B there – beautiful alpine scenes and farms.

    Further south and west – Tazwell County and the town of Tazwell on route 19/460 is beautiful. The Crab Orchard Museum has local history including original log structures, and a drive up to Cuz’s restaurant in Pounding Mill is worth the drive (check with locals to ensure its still open) and the Menonite community of Burke’s Gardens is very scenic.

    Abingdon Virginia is another beautiful town, right on I-81, Martha Washington Hotel, a community theater and artist’s galleries make it a great stop.

    These were some of my favorites – clearly with a mountain theme – where ever you go, have a wonderful time! Doug Shipman, Glastonbury, CT.

  3. Just got back from traveling in North Carolina. This New Englander was bowled over by how friendly, polite, and gracious folks were in the several small towns where we stopped to eat and sleep. I know you and Rorie have lots of good experiences in store for you.

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