Road Trippin’ 101: We Need Your Help

Just under 3 weeks to go before we begin the Tour. We’re going to let most of our small town discoveries come to us, but we don’t want to be unprepared for unexpected challenges along the way. Our packing list includes a blanket, plenty of water, snacks, first aid kit, flares, sunscreen, flashlight and maybe some dehydrated BBQ in case we just gotta have some now (kidding). We’re reaching out for advice from those who’ve taken long road trips. Any recommendations you can offer will be appreciated. Thanks to everyone for being members of the Discover Small Town America Tour’s virtual road crew.


8 thoughts on “Road Trippin’ 101: We Need Your Help

  1. Make sure you have AAA or some type of road assistence before you leave. Sooner or later something will break, and usually that happens when the sign says you ar 40 0r 50 miles from the next service area. And realize that you will average less distance each day then you think unless you are willing to forgo all those little surprises you will come across.

  2. Come visit Mason City Iowa. We have the only remaining Frank Lloyd Wright designed hotel in the world. You’ll get a great story all the way from trying to sell it on Ebay to the wonderful hotel it is today. Plus there is lost more including Music man Square in honor of hometown musician Meredith Willson, The Charles MacNider Museum, Sculptures on Parade to name a few of the great things you can see and share with your followers.

    • Sounds like there’s a lot of fun and unique reasons to stop in Mason City! Although we won’t be near Iowa on this Discover Small Town America tour, we’re saving your suggestions for our next road trip!

  3. I like to take advantage of the local rest areas that are staffed by local people – a good place to use the bathroom and get a cup of coffee also all the maps and local attractions that you may not see when planning a trip – Harrison, Ark has a very nice rest area – also almost all of the states have a welcome center with maps and attractions with some incentives to “stay a little longer” – once we got a brochure offering us a Coleman ice chest if we just stayed in Kansas for 3 nights and got our “passport” verifed – at certain hotels or motels – was a great deal because we did not know where we were going to stay and we were attending a funeral –

  4. Be alert when driving in west/southwest. Torrential rains can cause flash floods and it is absolutely amazing how much water can come down in one place. You can’t see an inch in front of you and you don’t want to be in a low spot.

  5. Yea, I can see everyone’s concern about being cautious on the road. Folks living outside the US call it “the fear of America”. Good time to “roll down the top and let the wind fly in your face”. (well, at least roll down the window once in a while)

    If I had grand kids I could just hear them now asking me. “Grandpa, how did people drive across the America without cellphones and GPS’s when you were a kid?”

  6. Don’t miss Mesilla New Mexico……land of Billy the Kid…..and where the Gadsden Purchase was signed on the Plaza that is still anchored by the Beautiful Basilica Catholic Church called San Albino!

    • Thanks for the recommendation Johna but unfortunately we will not be that far south this trip. We’ll save your suggestion and hope to visit Mesilla on our next Discover Small Town America tour.

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