THE TOUR – Set to Launch in Less Than a Month!

Thanks to all the great folks who’ve joined the blog as virtual members of “The Discover Small Town America Tour” road crew. There’s less than a month to go before “the launch” and we’re so excited. Rorie and I can’t wait to experience – and introduce you to – some amazing people and places during this 8,000 mile inaugural event. If you’ve got friends or family members you think would like to go along for the ride, tell them to sign up here for our blog posts, pictures and on-the-ground, “iReporter” interviews with some of these folks. Stay tuned…


6 thoughts on “THE TOUR – Set to Launch in Less Than a Month!

  1. I’m writing in regard to ur (DSTA) discover small town america. I live in Beckley West Virginia. But there is a small restaraunt about 30min from me that is amazing. I guarantee if u was to come to it u would be so impressed. Its located in a very small town. the food is amazing.

  2. Take a short jaunt off I-70 south of Goodland, Kansas and visit Unified Greeley County & Tribune! A great community-owned movie theater, a fantastic farm-to-table eatery called Elliott’s GastroPub owned by area PowerUps (21-39 year olds who are rural by choice), the modern-day general store known as Dixon Drug, and a number of other stores and restaurants keep this community vibrant and active! Let me know if I can provide any information. We’d love to have you stop through and say hello!

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