Small Town America…We Can’t Wait to Meet Y’all

The “Discover Small Town America Tour” launches next month and we’re excited to see everyone who’s emailed, texted, posted on Everything Small Town™ inviting us to break bread with them in their hometowns.


Folks have begun to sign-up here to be members of our virtual road crew for the Tour and final details of this inaugural event are being finalized. Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “Small Town America…We Can’t Wait to Meet Y’all

  1. Bart and Rorie – How exciting!! Love the website. Do you still need names of restaurants and neat things to do in small towns across the country?? Bonnie

  2. You really need to plan to visit Ocracoke Island, NC on the Outer Banks. The village was established in 1715, so there’s lots of history, a thriving fishing and arts community, and about the most active group of citizen volunteers you’ll ever find. Contact the Ocracoke Preservation Society website for more infomation. I don’t live there, but my family has a long Ocracoke history and we visit at least once a year.

    • Thanks for the great Ocracoke Island shout out Bill. Have been to towns of Salvo and Avon on the Outer Banks. Amazing area. We’ll be sure to put Ocracoke Island on our itinerary for a future Tour.

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