Road Trippin’ 101: We Need Your Help

Just under 3 weeks to go before we begin the Tour. We’re going to let most of our small town discoveries come to us, but we don’t want to be unprepared for unexpected challenges along the way. Our packing list includes a blanket, plenty of water, snacks, first aid kit, flares, sunscreen, flashlight and maybe some dehydrated BBQ in case we just gotta have some now (kidding). We’re reaching out for advice from those who’ve taken long road trips. Any recommendations you can offer will be appreciated. Thanks to everyone for being members of the Discover Small Town America Tour’s virtual road crew.


THE TOUR – Set to Launch in Less Than a Month!

Thanks to all the great folks who’ve joined the blog as virtual members of “The Discover Small Town America Tour” road crew. There’s less than a month to go before “the launch” and we’re so excited. Rorie and I can’t wait to experience – and introduce you to – some amazing people and places during this 8,000 mile inaugural event. If you’ve got friends or family members you think would like to go along for the ride, tell them to sign up here for our blog posts, pictures and on-the-ground, “iReporter” interviews with some of these folks. Stay tuned…


Small Town America…We Can’t Wait to Meet Y’all

The “Discover Small Town America Tour” launches next month and we’re excited to see everyone who’s emailed, texted, posted on Everything Small Town™ inviting us to break bread with them in their hometowns.


Folks have begun to sign-up here to be members of our virtual road crew for the Tour and final details of this inaugural event are being finalized. Stay tuned…